UVALDE, TX: Hero Mom Tells Stunning Story Of How She Broke Free From Police, Entered Robb Elementary School, And Saved BOTH of Her Children From Active Shooter [VIDEO]

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A mother of two Robb Elementary students was placed in handcuffs when she demanded law enforcement enter the school to save her children during the tragic mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas on May 24, which claimed the lives of 19 schoolchildren and two teachers.

Angeli Rose Gomez, the mother of two students at the elementary school was handcuffed and told she was under arrest for “intervening in an active investigation” after she arrived at the scene outside of the school and began urging law enforcement to enter the building and rescue the children. Her children.

“The police were doing nothing,” she said. “They were just standing outside the fence. They weren’t going in there or running anywhere.”

Upon having her handcuffs removed, after the shooter was neutralized, she bolted, jumping the school’s fence and quickly ran into the school where she began her own search and rescue mission.

Gomez is now speaking out and describing in detail how she entered the school and saved both of her children while, outside the school,  law enforcement surrounded and threatened parents to stay away.

Angeli Rose Gomez broke down when asked about how it took law enforcement 75 minutes to stop the active shooter while she was able to make it into the school. “Nothing was being done!” said the frustrated mom. “If anything, they were being more aggressive with us parents that were willing to go in there. And like I told one of the officers, ‘I don’t need you to protect me. Get away from me—I don’t need your protection. If anything, I need you to go in there with me to go protect our kids!”

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