NUTJOB! Racist Leftist In Gorilla Mask Hurls Eggs At Larry Elder [VIDEO]

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In a video posted on’s Twitter feed, Republican running for California Gov Larry Elder appears to get attacked. Although the person misses in the video, a person in a gorilla mask tries to throw an egg at his head.

Elder is running to replace Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom in the recall election coming up. Elder is a Republican. Although it is possible, it’s not looking good for Elder in our view.

In the video, Elder is being heckled by a person that appears to be a woman. The person with the gorilla mask punches one man in the face twice it appears.

Elder and his entourage appear mostly safe but it is disturbing to see this happen. A man in a blue mask yells about Elder running, asking why he’s even running. He says Democrats control everything and even if Elder won he wouldn’t get anything done, according to the man.

Imagine the outage if Larry Elder was a Democrat.

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