Video: Shoplifters brazenly steal items off shelves at Walgreens in broad daylight as uniformed security guard just watches

The Blaze

Shoplifters were caught on cellphone video brazenly stealing items off shelves at a Walgreens as daytime customers — and a uniformed security guard — simply watched.

Libs of Tik Tok posted the clip to Twitter on Sunday and indicated the Walgreens in question is located in California’s Bay Area:

The clip begins with a shot of three shoplifters in an aisle grabbing items off shelves equipped with hard plastic flaps — but the obstacles do little to deter the thieves, who are all wearing pink and grey jackets along with face masks.

Soon a security guard pops into the frame, but she does not approach the crew and instead stands at the end of the aisle, looking on. Someone — perhaps the security guard —apparently calls for help and requests, “I need an officer right now.”

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