Armed Robbery Goes Bad Real Quick: Robber Runs Off Squealing Like A Pig [VIDEO]

The Blaze

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There is a video going viral on social media this weekend of an armed robbery that thankfully goes horribly wrong for the criminal. In the failed robbery video, the aggressor goes from tough guy to a crying baby running back to his mommy in eight seconds flat.

The video was uploaded to Reddit on Friday in the “Public Freakout” subreddit that has over 3.2 million members. The video is titled “Armed robbery in San Leandro, CA doesn’t go as planned.” The video made it’s way to social media platforms, where it racked up millions of views.

The robbery fail shows what looks to be a young teen running toward another person in the street. In broad daylight, the teen pulls out a gun to rob the pedestrian. With his arms extended, the teen points the gun directly at the victim, who then quickly turns the tables.

The Blaze notes:

What happens next? The big bad tough guy with a gun gets pinned to the ground and starts high-pitched squealing like a pig. Not figuratively squealing like a pig. Literally squealing like a pig in a way that no normal human should be able to do. Then he runs away in fear.

Chalk one up for the good guys.

The video was shared on Twitter by Loni Love, an Emmy and NAACP Image Award-winning comedian and celebrity host.

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