Watch: Journalist Asks What Joe Biden Has Done Well, Gets Hilarious Responses

Blue State Conservative

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What has Biden done well so far? Well, that depends on your perspective. If it’s the right one, then he’s done a number of great things for you.

Say you’re the Taliban, for example. If so, you’d have not only gotten control of your country back and beaten off the American invaders under Biden, but gotten tons of free equipment to boot, most of it left behind by the ANA cowards that gave up at the first sign of your presence. Wonderful!

Or say you’re a nationalistic Russian, one with a revanchist attitude toward the Ukraine. Under Trump, you and your aspirations were stymied: despite saying nice things about Putin publically, he was strong enough where you didn’t feel comfortable risking an invasion. But under Biden? Well, the tanks rolled and you might take Donetsk and ensure the Ukraine is kept out of NATO!

Or what if you were an oil-producing sheik? Though his soft stance toward Iran would trouble you, as those Persians and you don’t exactly get along, you’d be making a mint off of oil money ever since he entered office and bizarrely went on the warpath against the American energy industry in the name of “green energy.” While Team Bradon plays with windmills, you’re pumping oil and basically printing money.

Who hasn’t benefitted from Biden?

Well, everyone who has to shop for groceries in the US; empty shelves and rampant inflation have defined Brandon’s presidency and, even if all of that isn’t his fault, some of it is and people blame him for it anyway. Ditto that for people who have to fill up their cars at the pump. Gas prices haven’t exactly been trending down…

Oh, and there’s the Ukrainians, non-Taliban Afghans, and everyone haunted by the looming Iranian specter. They’re not doing too hot thanks to Biden, and the American allies troubled by his Ukraine response aren’t getting the best sleep anymore.

All that’s to say, that the question “what has Biden done well?” deserves, from an American point of view, a very sarcastic and sharp response.

That’s exactly what Piers Morgan got when he walked around New York and asked the residents of that famously liberal city what Brandon has done well so far. One New Yorker, in an utterly savage comment shared by RNC Research, said “Stayed awake” HAHAHAHAHA! Watch that here:

The responses were predictably legendary. Here are a few of the best ones, provided by Wayne Dupree’s site:
“As a mother of two kids I have battled a lot with my financial state to the point of begging from friends just to survive thanks to Joe Biden”

“Actually, sir, we’d be better off if he was sleeping!!”

“The people who voted for this vegetable were clearly NOT awake”

“I feel like we’re safer when he’s napping.”

“When you lose NYC you know you’re in big trouble”

“Sometimes you have to lose what you had to realize how good you had it, and that’s happening right now in America. #Trump2024”

“I commend this guy for thinking of one thing Joe’s done good, I would have come up empty”

“Honestly, that really is the biggest thing Joe’s accomplished since his installation”

“I don’t think Sleepy Joe is ever fully awake.”

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