WATCH: MAGA Rapper Bryson Gray Performs “LET’S GO BRANDON” – LIVE In Scottsdale, Arizona At Free Political Prisoners Rally

The Gateway Pundit

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On Sunday night, Arizona Patriots held a rally to free political prisoners in Scottsdale, Arizona, and MAGA rappers turned it up.
Kelvin J, Bryson Gray, and Tyson James performed conservative rap hits in support of the Jan 6 political prisoners and Jake Angelli, The “Q Shaman”.

Bryson Gray is the most banned rapper alive after Youtube removed his viral “Let’s Go Brandon” song for violating Youtube’s medical disinformation policy.

“Let’s Go Brandon, The Pandemic ain’t real they just planned it”, raps Bryson Gray.

Unlike globalist endorsed rappers Gray uses clean language and makes godly rap music.

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