U.S. Soldiers Help Afghans At Kuwait Airbase [VIDEO]

The Daily Wire

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The Pentagon released footage on Tuesday showing U.S. soldiers helping Afghan evacuees at an airbase in Kuwait.

NPR tweeted videos, explaining, “Pentagon footage shows U.S. soldiers receiving Afghan evacuees and handing out supplies at a Kuwait airbase. 5,000 Afghans are expected to pass through Kuwait ‘before heading to their final destinations,’ the U.S. ambassador said.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked on Tuesday about people who are “stranded” in Afghanistan. Psaki claimed that there were no Americans who are stranded in Afghanistan, and told the media to bring her the information of people who are in Afghanistan and having a difficult time evacuating the country.

According to reports Wednesday morning, the Taliban are increasing their airport blockade and blocking Westerners from making their way to the Kabul airport.

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