Welcome to the West Coast: Man Swipes $100 Worth of Suds (Again), Store Does Nothing

PJ Media

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A man came into a Seattle grocery store for some beer, filled his cart, and left without paying.

According to the video narrator, apparently a store employee, this isn’t the thief’s first-time cold brew rodeo. He mentions that the store will do nothing and further alleges the thief has been in before to snag some free barley-pops.

The high-end grocery store, QFC, is down with “woke.” Their Twitter page has a “pinned” tweet that gives new meaning to “virtue signaling.”

To our Black associates, customers and allies: We are committed to doing better as a company to support racial equity and justice. Today, we are establishing a $5 million fund through The Kroger Co. Foundation for improving diversity, equity and inclusion: https://thekrogerco.com

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