Exposed As A Hypocrite: School Board Member Storms Out When BadA$$ Mom Confronts Her With Maskless Pics [VIDEO]


We’ve started to lose count of the number of videos we’ve shared of parents kicking a*s and taking names across this country after school boards, school districts, school administrators, and especially Democrat governors spent two years ignoring them and their concerns around their own children. So we’re getting a little pickier about the ones we are sharing now …

This one though?

It’s a doozy because even though the mom is an important part of the video, it’s the school board member who completely melts DOWN when confronted with her own hypocrisy that actually MAKES the video.


Not a great look for a school board member, just sayin’.

Parent Alecia Vaught, left, held up photos of Montgomery County School Board chair Susan Kass, right, that she said showed her flouting mask rules. Kass walked out in a huff

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