WE’RE SCREWED: Biden’s Secret Weapon to Avert War is Kamala Harris

Todd Starnes

It’s “almost insulting to Europe and the world” to send Vice President Kamala Harris to speak in Europe on the Ukraine crisis when she’s “clearly not up to this task on the brink of what could be a war,” Rep. Guy Reschenthaler said on Newsmax Saturday.

“[She] has proven herself completely weakened, ineffective with our own border,” the Pennsylvania Republican told Newsmax’s “Saturday Report.”

“Remember, it was months ago that she went into Central America and blamed climate change on causing the crisis at our southern border, completely disconnected with reality, completely oblivious to their real facts on the ground.

And now, he continued, “we’re expecting her to instill some kind of resolve with the Ukrainians.”

Harris this week traveled to the Munich Security Conference and on Saturday spoke with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. According to reports, he told her Ukraine is seeking peace but also looking for support from the United States for its army.

Zelenskyy also spoke with President Joe Biden this week.

Reschenthaler told Newsmax that he does applaud the effort for diplomacy, but said the “hypocrisy is incredibly rich” when it comes to sending Harris to Europe.

“What the Ukrainians and our allies need is not tough talk by a woman who has not stood behind her tough words before,” he said. “They need anti-aircraft capabilities. They need materials to wage guerilla warfare…the rhetoric needs to stop and we need to put arms, lethal aid, in the hands of Ukrainians to prep for this invasion.”

Harris also spoke at the council meeting of the United States enforcing strict sanctions on Russia should there be an attack, but Reschenthaler said the sanctions should be happening now.

“We’re not in the driver’s seat,” he said. “We’re not being proactive on the international stage. Biden’s weakness and his vacillation is inviting this aggression.”

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