‘What A P*nk B*tch’: Peter Doocy Confronts Biden Over Constantly Talking About Trump [VIDEO]


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We’d heard earlier Wednesday that there wouldn’t be any public appearances by the president nor a press briefing. It looked as though the White House had gone into hiding after Tuesday night’s Republican sweep of Virginia, but President Biden did poke his head out to answer a few questions.

And for the record, anyone who complains about Fox News’ Peter Doocy has absolutely no standing unless they denounce the DNC talking points spouted by PBS News’ Yamiche Alcindor. Alcindor asked Biden how the Democratic Party (and PBS News) could help push back against Republicans “lying about critical race theory,” while Doocy wanted to know from Biden if he thought the voters really wanted to hear him talk about Donald Trump so much, as he did at his campaign rally to save Terry McAuliffe.

Does Biden know that Trump isn’t president anymore?

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