‘What the f**k is wrong with you?’: Washington Post Writes Piece To ‘Humanize’ Child Pornographer


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We’ve just been treated to a week of liberals (and liberal media) explaining that science isn’t so clear on what a “woman” is, lenient child pornography sentences are actually pretty mainstream, and critical race theory isn’t taught in schools except in schools where it is. If Democrats want to go into the midterms fighting for revised (i.e., lowered) child porn sentencing guidelines, be our guest.

As we’ve said, the mainstream media has had a busy week papering over the rough spots in Jackson’s testimony, and the Washington Post is still at it. You know that guy found guilty of possessing child pornography who was let off with a three-month sentence? The Washington Post tracked him down and he’s actually a good guy. We’re not sure if the Post tracked down any of the children in the images he had on his computer to see how they’re doing.

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