White British influencer identifies as ‘Korean’ after painful plastic surgery

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Confused British-born influencer Oli London has been the recipient of numerous expensive plastic surgeries in an attempt to look like his K-Pop idol, Jimin of BTS and he now identifies as nonbinary and Korean.

He shared a video on YouTube over the weekend attempting to justify his reasoning for the transformation. London says that he feels more connected to Korean culture now that he is remaking himself in the image of Jimin.

“I am gonna come out today and say that I’ve been transitioning,” claimed London in the video. “I’ve been very unhappy with who I am deep down for the last eight years and I’ve had, like, 18 plastic surgeries now… I’ve just had a facelift, a brow lift, a temple lift, an eye surgery—a canthoplasty—and my teeth done as well. These are just part of my transition. I’m feeling really good—for the first time in my life I feel beautiful. I’m looking in the mirror and I love the way I look and feel happy, and I hope people can respect my decision.”

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