White Pro-Abortion Protestors SILENT When Asked If All Black Lives Matter [VIDEO]

The Blue State Conservative

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Since its inception, the Black Lives Matter movement has been little more than a charade. The group’s name is itself discriminatory, but not overly provocative. But the movement itself has never been about black lives. It’s always been about promoting the ideals of extreme leftwing politics and the dismantling of American institutions.

While much has been said in opposition to BLM, and their own corruption and duplicity have resulted in a dramatic crash in public opinion for the group, seldom has any been so effective and clever in dismantling their arguments as what we see in this video of a man with a bullhorn addressing a group of protesters at a health care facility:

Absolutely brilliant, and let’s hope every independent and moderate Democrat voter watches this video.

Black lives matter? Enthusiastic agreement. Black lives killed by other black folks? A smattering of applause and agreement. Black babies killed by abortionists? Ummm, wait, uh oh.

We can’t tell the race of the man speaking to the protesters, but based on their reactions, he’s probably a black man. What we can’t fully appreciate is the looks on the protesters’ faces once they comprehend where the speaker is going with his questions and statements. We can only imagine the dismay.

Whoever this man is, he should run for public office. He’ll win in a landslide.

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