Whitlock: Dave Chappelle, Floyd Mayweather, and Enes Kanter Strike Mammoth Blows in The Culture War

The Blaze

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Monday felt like a tipping point in the social justice culture war raging across Silicon Valley’s social media apps.

One of the key purposes of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is the control of celebrity influencers. The apps reinforce the message of the handlers of athletes and other celebrities.

When presidential candidate Joe Biden says, “You ain’t black” if you fail to vote for me, it’s the job of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to affirm that sentiment. Once the social media apps affirm the belief, multimillionaire celebrities know what positions they should take.

It’s why 95 percent of all celebrities pretend to think the exact same things and why 99.9 percent of them say the exact same things. And it’s why they get upset and turn verbally vicious when one of their peers breaks ranks. Remember Chelsea Handler, a white Jew, scolding black rapper 50 Cent for questioning Joe Biden’s tax policies. Handler went on Jimmy Fallon’s TV show to remind 50 Cent that he was black and promised 50 access to her overused vagina.

50 Cent backed down.

Dave Chappelle didn’t. On Monday, the iconic comedian released a video reacting to the controversy engulfing his latest Netflix comedy special. Last week, a handful of Netflix employees staged a publicity stunt/walkout because they believe “The Closer” expressed transphobic and homophobic viewpoints. The protesters want Netflix to remove the comedy special from the streaming service. So far, Netflix has refused.

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