“Yeah, right!” Mayra Flores SLAMS Jill Biden’s fake apology for tacos comment [VIDEO]

The Right Scoop

DOCTOR Jill, as the MSM insist on calling her, was allegedly regretful about how her words came across, her campaign manager assured everyone on Twitter with no direct quote or personal statement in her own words.

But that apology is as fake as calling her doctor, the awesome Mayra Flores said on Fox News. After Bill Hemmer brought up that tweet, Flores said, “yeah, right.”

“They don’t see us as Americans, they see us as tacos. That’s exactly how they see us,” she said. “We’re proud Americans and they only are doing this to get out vote. And they think that by giving us tacos and playing Latin music, that that’s all it’s going to take for us to vote for them in November. It’s going to take a lot more than that.”

“We take her apology, but we know that the reason why she’s apologizing is because of all the backlash she’s receiving. She really doesn’t mean it,” said Flores.

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