‘You absolute hack’: Fox News’ Bill Malugin calls out deceptive video edit of his report on Texas shooting [VIDEO]

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A Fox News reporter lashed out at a misleading edit of his report that was posted to Twitter to make it appear as if he were spreading an unverified rumor about the horrific mass shooting at an elementary school in Texas.

Bill Melugin, working from the Los Angeles bureau, was incensed at the deceptive editing posted to social media by a former Deadspin and Daily Beast reporter, Timothy Burke.

The video he posted lasted about 6 seconds and garnered over 322k views.

The full quote from the report completely undermined Burke’s accusation.

“There were rumors that were flying around that this was some sort of Border Patrol chase,” said Melugin. “I have not heard anything of the sort. I have not confirmed any of that information. I have no reason to believe any of, that those rumors are credible at this moment.”

Melugin also ripped into Burke over the video.

“The reason you edited it down to six seconds is because you cut out the part where I shot down these rumors entirely you absolute hack.” Melugin tweeted.

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