‘You’re a member of Congress?’: House Democrat To Ted Cruz ‘F**k you @tedcruz you f**king baby killer’

Red State

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Tuesday’s mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, which claimed the lives of 19 children and several other adults, shook the nation. An 18-year-old named Salvador Ramos carried out the horrific act, eventually being shot and killed by a responding Border Patrol officer who himself took a bullet and/or shrapnel.

Unfortunately, in a time when unity and prayer are needed for those grieving, Democrats saw another political opportunity and decided to ghoulishly seize it. Over and over, members of the left, from politicians to media members, took to social media to blame Republicans for a shooting they had nothing to do with, and while there are many examples, one of the most detestable came from a House Democrat named Ruben Gallego.

Those posts were made before the full death toll was even released, with no information on why the shooter did what he did, where he got his guns from, and what possible actions could have prevented him from carrying out the attack. I would suggest that it’s important to identify a specific policy that would have stopped the shooting before trying to place blame on completely unrelated individuals. Pretending that Ted Cruz being against universal background checks, which would have stopped not a single mass shooting in recent memory, somehow makes him pro-child murder is grotesque.

As to the mention of abortion, claiming that Cruz cares about a fetus but not children being slaughtered, a fetus is a child. That Democrats believe now is the time, and Gallego was hardly the only one to use that talking point, to flaunt the fact that they want to kill children up until birth boggles my mind. What am I supposed to take away from that except that they only care about protecting kids when it’s politically convenient and fits into their worldview?

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