‘You’re Really F***ing Me’: Biden Reportedly Furious Over Manchin Spending Block

Daily Wire

President Joe Biden reportedly issued a stern warning to Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin over his reluctance to back a multi-trillion-dollar COVID-19 stimulus package.

According to a new book, Biden called Manchin on March 5, the eve of the Senate’s vote on the package to convince him to join Democrats.

“If you don’t come along, you’re really f***ing me,” the president allegedly told Manchin, according to The Washington Post’s associate editor Bob Woodward and national political reporter Robert Costa, who co-wrote the new book, “Peril.”

At the time, Manchin, a moderate, was considered the key swing vote after he expressed concerns about the high cost of the package.

“On the day of the alleged phone call, Manchin compromised with his fellow Senate Democrats over a disagreement involving an unemployment benefits proposal included in the package,” the Daily Caller reported. “Democrats supported funding $400 of weekly unemployment benefits, while the West Virginia senator supported a proposal offered by Republican Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, that would have only included $300 benefits through July 18.”

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