Yowza: Joe Biden Reaches Blowout Territory in New Poll


We’ll review some of the state-level numbers in a moment, but first, a look at President Biden’s overall standing nationally – and my goodness, the results are grim for Democrats. Take all of this with grains of salt, per usual. It’s just one poll, the subsamples in each state are relatively small (though the survey was quite large), margins of error, etc. But if these data points are generally in the ballpark, the party in power could be looking at a beatdown of historic proportions later this year:

Brutal. He’s (-22) overall, hitting a floor in the mid-30’s. That’s blowout territory. Among independents, who swing battleground elections, fully two-thirds disapprove, while less than one-in-four approve of his performance. And that net swing within the Hispanic demographic is both dreadful for Biden personally, but another worrisome sign for the Democratic Party, which has suffered erosion with Latinos in recent years. As for the state-by-state numbers, this outcome isn’t really much of a surprise:

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